Sex Trafficking Victim Jumps from 18-Wheeler on I-20 to Flee Kidnappers: Cisco Police

A woman jumped out of an 18-wheeler on Interstate Highway 20 Wednesday in Cisco to escape from kidnappers who intended to use her in sex trafficking operations, police say.

At approximately 9 p.m. Wednesday, Cisco police responded to a call about a woman who had been seriously injured.

According to police, the woman said she had been kidnapped in El Paso by men who intended to traffic her for sex and that she got hurt jumping from the tractor-trailer.

Police did not release any further details about the woman's abduction, age or her condition. They did say that a second woman was also in the truck and that she may be in grave danger.

The truck was occupied by two Cuban males and a caucasian male, Cisco police said, adding that the 18-wheeler had a green tractor with a white stripe and was pulling a white box-type trailer.

Crisis workers have intervened and are assisting the victim in receiving care and placement. Anyone with information is asked to please contact local law enforcement at 254-629-1728.

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