Servolution Network Renovates 11 Homes in 2 Days for Families in Need

The project is part of a bigger goal: to rehab eleven homes in five cities in two days

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An Azle family is one of several to get a newly renovated home thanks to a faith-based non-profit and an army of volunteers.

Servolution Network is building up communities one home at a time, and Jason Malewiski is the man behind the mission.

“We sent about 40 volunteers here yesterday," said Jason Malewiski, Executive Director of Servolution Network. "We’ve got a bunch more here today. They cleaned up three dumpsters full of trash from the outside and inside of the house."

Homeowner William Gray has had issues with hoarding and code compliance.  

“There is a shed, and volunteers are getting rid of a bunch of stuff in there I haven’t used in years, in 10 years," Gray said. "I’ve been here for 18 years now."

The non-profit runs with the efficiency of a military operation. Malewiski is an Air Force and Navy veteran who enlisted the help of the community and sponsors.

“We rallied the troops, called them out here, and assigned the Mayor of Azle this house, because it’s a city of Azle challenge,” said Malewiski.

“The most important part is the helping the people part,” said Alan Brundrett, the mayor of Azle.

The home improvements are lifting spirits and creating safe spaces for families.

“Mr. Gray is raising two teenage kids in this house," said Malewiski. "It’s an opportunity for them to learn from dad that he’s willing to change."

It’s change that starts from the ground up - for both the home and the homeowner.

Servolution Network said it plans to follow up to make sure Gray’s home stays clean and up to code.

Teams renovated eleven homes in just two days, and there are plans to expand the effort to more cities.

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