Second Phase of AAdvantage Program Changes Start Tuesday

American Airlines implements its second phase of the changes to its AAdvantage Rewards System Tuesday. CEO Rick Seaney said this AAdvantage Rewards switch will also impact how flyers accumulate points. Starting in June, when the final phase happens, American Airlines will award customers points based on ticket prices instead of miles.

This is how many other airlines already run their rewards programs, according to Seaney. Overall, he said this is a good switch for frequent flyers like business travelers who are in the airport several times each month. Seaney said it’s not a good change for people who fly just a couple times a year.

Before phase two begins Tuesday, here are Seaney’s tips for booking tickets today.

Redeem Monday

• Flights to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia
• Flights more than $450

Redeem Tuesday

• Flights to Central America and Mexico
• Short distance trips of around 500 miles

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