Sachse School Shifts Schedule to Find Academic Success

Since the recharge period started, seventh grade math scores are up 10 percent

So many of us wish there was more time in the day to get everything done. Teachers deal with that often — they are trying to get more instruction time in to help their students.

A middle school in the Garland Independent School District figured out a way to squeeze a few more minutes of learning into their day, and the results are impressive.

The bell at Hudson Middle School rings all of the time. It’s a small price to pay to achieve academic gold.

"We looked at the bell schedule, and it took several months to put this in play," Principal Carmen Blakey said.

She had several students needing extra help and no more time in the schedule to provide it. Blakey and her staff stole time from lunch and were able to add in one 26-minute recharge period in the school day.

"I’m able to pull kids that I need a few extra minutes with to do activities that I couldn’t do in the class," Blakey said.

Teacher Jaclyn Norris says the extra time is making an impact. Since the recharge period started, seventh grade math scores are up 10 percent. Eighth grade is up more than 20 percent.

If you don’t need extra help during that recharge period, that’s the another win.

You get a passion project — 26 minutes to devote to something you really love.

Joseph Hughes, a student, wants to be a band director one day. His recharge period is spent learning a bit more about music.

Landon Mumphrey gets a few days in choir part of the week and extra help in math another part of the week. He's not behind in math but uses the time to help him do just that much better.

"My grades have gone up, I made a 93 on the last test, I missed one question I’m proud of that," Mumphrey said.

Pride is all through these halls as students tackle potential careers, fun things they're passionate about and find help improving grades.

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