Sara's Secret is “Out”

Sexy store set to open next to business that hosts kids' parties

The location of a new adult store in Dallas is raising eyebrows.

The Sara's Secret location set to open Tuesday on Lovers Lane will be the 12th store in the Metroplex and the sixth in Dallas for the owners of Sara's Secret and Condoms to Go.

"We classify all of our stores as romance shopping boutiques," said Gary Krupkin, senior vice president. "We stock lingerie, lotions, oils, adult novelties and games."

But the store will be nestled between a dry cleaner and a jewelry-making store that often hosts children's parties.

"As a business owner, I’m a little bit concerned," said Allison Giesen, owner of Beading Dreams. "A good bit of my business rests on children’s events, birthday parties, summer camps, etc."

She said she hopes her bead shop and Sara’s Secret can "peacefully coexist."

"I can't believe it; I really can't believe it," Park City resident Malee Helm said upon learning of the Sara's Secret.

Krupkin said he chose the Lovers Lane location based on zip code research collected from current customers. He said the chain’s research indicates "a lot of people around Lovers and Inwood are interested in our products."

Unlike current locations, the new store will be divided into two areas, with a drape separating items in the front and back of the store, Krupkin said.

"Anything that might be even remotely offensive to somebody will be in the back part of the store," he said.

Cities such as Garland, Rowlett and Murphy have put up legal blocks to keep Sara’s Secret from opening within their borders.

Krupkin said he went through all the proper channels to get a certificate of occupancy in Dallas, and the city has no problem with it. The permit process has been in the works for about a month, and the the final certificate of occupancy was issued Friday.

But Helm said she doesn't think the store belongs on Lovers Lane.

"I think it's really inappropriate for this neighborhood, really inappropriate," she said.

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