Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Garland Impacts Spring Creek

Sewage overflow was stopped shortly after 9:30 Tuesday night, city says

Officials in Garland are monitoring the quality of water in Spring Creek after a sanitary sewer overflow Tuesday.

It happened at about 11:30 a.m. at a construction site near North Garland Avenue and Arapahoe Road. According to the City of Garland, construction crews struck a manhole, damaging an 18-inch wastewater collection pipe. The pipe is part of the city of Garland’s wastewater collection system.

City of Garland crews worked through the day and into the night to fix the break and contain the spill. At one point, about 20 gallons of untreated sewage flowed from the damaged pipeline every minute.

The overflow was stopped shortly after 9:30 Tuesday night, according to a Garland city spokeswoman, who said a large piece of concrete had become lodged inside the pipe. She said crews bypassed the broken pipe and will continue repairs Wednesday.

The leak occurred about 10 miles upstream from Lake Ray Hubbard Reservoir. Personnel there are also monitoring the situation.

City officials said anyone who comes into contact with waste material, soil or water potentially affected by the spill is urged to bathe and wash clothes thoroughly.

Garland also notified Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

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