Saginaw Hopes Revised Ordinance Will Curb Dangerous Dog Problem

The city of Saginaw is issuing a stricter ordinance to clamp down on pet owners whose dogs are considered dangerous by the city.

In the past two years, there have been eight dogs deemed dangerous in Saginaw.

Lynne Arnold used to enjoy walks with her dog, Crissy Snow, in their Highland Station Park neighborhood. That was until January, when she says she was attacked and her dog nearly killed by a pit bull.

Arnold's dog suffered puncture wounds in her neck and received stitches and staples.

"I have had to fight lymphoma, breast cancer, and other scary things have happened in my life, but facing the pit bull was the scariest moment of my life," Arnold said.

Three months later, pepper spray in hand, she still fears for her and her dog's safety.

In Arnold's case, the pit bull she says attacked her dog is considered dangerous by the city of Saginaw.

In fact, the city says the dog's owner has been cited 10 times for her dogs, including when it allegedly attacked Arnold's dog.

The new ordinance institutes new rules for dog owners, including requiring owners of dangerous dogs to have secure fencing and proper signage, and they would be required to have a $100,000 insurance policy for the animal.

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