Sachse Girl, 5, Celebrates One Year With No Seizures

Kyndall is 5 years old and she has been through so much in her young life.

A mom in Sachse tells us the past five years have felt like a roller coaster ride in the ups and downs that come with a sick child.

A recent milestone brought something good, and it called for a big celebration -- and a big day so big that even firefighters and paramedics with the city of Sachse wouldn't miss it.

The guest of honor was Kyndall Browder.

Kyndall is 5 years old and she has been through so much in her young life.

She started having seizures at 14 months and by age 4, her mother Ashley Browder says she was diagnosed with a condition called frontal cortical dysplasia.

Basically, it means the top layer of the brain does not form properly before birth.

"After several MRI and EEG, the doctors found liaisons on her brain which confirmed where the seizures were coming from. It was a shock and as parents, we asked was this something we could have prevented? It wasn't. It happened in uterine and we just had to figure out how to move forward," Ashley Browder wrote.

Seizures often follow and they did for Kyndall.

Her mom tells NBC5 "this has been an up and down roller coaster ride but thankfully we made it to a huge milestone!"

Kyndall went an entire year with no seizures - and the family threw a party to celebrate.

"She has an amazing team of doctors at Children's and we are so happy to reach this goal," wrote Ashley.

It was even more special when Sachse firefighters and EMTs came out to be part of the day, too.

Pictures of Kyndall from that party on July 25 show a little girl with a big 'ole smile says it all - happy, healthy and celebrating life.

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