Runners Finish Holiday Hustle in Bitter Cold

North Texas runners were still in the Christmas spirit early Saturday morning for a big road race in Plano, although they weren't too happy about the frigid temperatures.

"I’m from Michigan originally, so I’ve run in crazy weather, but this is insane to me. There’s no sun! We are from Texas! We love the sun! There should be sun out here!" said Jennifer Tarkington.

About 250 runners competed in the Holiday Hustle 3k/8k race at Bob Woodruff Park.

It was a fitting name, because the runners were hustling to cross the finish line and get out of the cold and away from the wind.

"This is crazy. I never expected it to be like this. I was so excited to tell my mom we get to run together and it’s going to be so warm, and this happened," Tarkington said.

Many runners were visiting from out-of-state for the long holiday weekend.

Tarkington's mother came in town a few days ago from the Detroit-area in order to see her daughter and three grandkids.

She signed up for this race with her daughter weeks ago and was hoping to get a taste of some Texas heat.

"I was hoping to have warm weather before I had to go back to Michigan," Sue Ann Sirr said. "I want Michigan to have snow, but I’m here in Texas

But despite the cold and wind, runners had little to complain about.

"I’m with my family and that’s the most important thing," Tarkington said.

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