Rowlett Police 911 Dispatcher Helps Dad Deliver Baby Boy

Rowlett 911 dispatch gets a lot of calls from people in distress. But last week a dispatcher got a call that will stick with him, in a good way.

Dispatcher Officer Wylie Webb says he'll never forget the call he got the afternoon of Oct. 13.

"One that I will remember when I retire," said Webb.

Webb was working in the Rowlett Police Communications Center when Patrick Lucht called.

"He said, 'What's the emergency?' and I said, 'My wife is having a baby!" Lucht explained. "He said, 'You mean she's in labor?' 'No, she's having a baby!'"

"I've had several labor calls over 21 years," Webb said. "This was actually the first one that's ever delivered while I was still on the phone."

In the 911 recordings Jackie Lucht is heard in the background, clearly having contractions, while her husband calmly talks to Webb over the phone. Webb walks him through the delivery and moments afterward.

"I just reached in and grabbed him by the top of his head and he came out and started screaming," Lucht laughed, recalling his son Lucas' unplanned home birth.

"I heard the baby crying, and felt my shoulders release a little bit," Webb said. "Him and his wife did all the work."

Baby Lucas was born four minutes after the 911 call started. He weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and has a head of perfectly groomed dark hair.

The dispatcher and new parents have not met yet.

"Thought about reaching out to them," said Webb. "Just shake his hand and tell him he did a good job."

"He made it about as smooth a home birth as you can have," Lucht said about Webb. "If you're having an unplanned home birth."

The couple was hoping Lucas would make his debut a day earlier or later. Now, he shares a birthday with older sister, Emily, but his birth story is unique.

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