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Richardson Daycare Under Investigation Over Baby's Injuries

A North Texas mother took to her Facebook page and posted pictures of her bruised 1-year-old son, and she's blaming his daycare center.

Twenty-four hours later, the post was shared online more than 50,000 times.

Two days after Dakota Boggess was picked up from daycare, his injuries were still visible on the side of his face Wednesday. His mother, Elizabeth O'Rear, is still trying to figure out how they got there.

"If this was abuse, it's kind of scary for me as a parent, because I just, I got to go to work," she said.

O'Rear said she dropped off her son Monday morning at Armadillos to Zebras daycare on Waterfall Way in Richardson. When she picked him up, she said she was told another child hit him.

"I understand, kids get hurt at daycare," she said. "[His face] was just red and puffy, so I didn't know anything had happened."

O'Rear later became concerned when bruising and dark red lines appeared on his face that she said resembles a hand print. Armadillos to Zebras provided O'Rear with an incident report, stating the child "fell hitting his face on a toy."

"I want them to be able to show me this is the toy that he fell on, or the kid hit him with this toy," O'Rear said. "I hope that is the story, but right now, to me, it looks like it is the hand print."

The daycare owners declined a request for an on-camera interview, but said the woman involved in the incident is no longer with the company.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating. The investigation could take up to 30 days.

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