Reunion Tower Proposals: Legacy of Love

Every year, Reunion Tower plays Cupid by playing host to an average of two engagements every day.

Chase Baine knew he wanted the next chapter of his love story with his girlfriend Rachel to begin with a proposal at Reunion Tower.

“She is my best friend. We get through life together,” he said. “We’ve been through thick and thin.”

Baine put his fear of heights aside for a chance at a picture perfect proposal for his perfect partner.

“That is the underlying theme in this whole thing when we sit out there and I do the proposal,” he said. “We are looking out into forever and that’s what this signifies.”

Baine met with staff to find the ideal spot with the most breathtaking view. Reunion Tower staff have become experts at planning these life-changing moments. They even have “love is in the air” ambassadors, who keep him cool and calm until it’s time to propose.

“Yeah, I’m nervous, but I’m 27 years old. This was about time. I was ready for this to happen,” he smiled.

Baine become part of a unique fraternity when Rachel said "yes." About 730 couples get engaged on Reunion Tower every year.

“I like to consider myself the pioneer of all those couples,” Mark Lovvorn said.

When Lovvorn decided to propose to his now-wife Patty in 1980 he knew he had to be creative.

“To get a single engine airplane to fly around the tower for 45 minutes pulling a banner with ‘Patty, will you marry me?,'” he smiled.

Patty almost didn’t see the proposal.

“I didn’t really notice it at first and then I saw that people were looking in that direction,” she said. “I glanced up and at first it didn’t really register with me.”

She said yes and now they share daily laughs and a lasting love.

“You continue to add things to [marriage] and keep things exciting and new,” Patty said. “That’s a secret to happiness I think.”

Scott Smith and his fiancé Daisy Gonzalez are just days away from their wedding, but they will never forget their engagement looking out over Dallas. They said they knew they were meant for each other.

“It’s amazing. Sometimes I can’t even believe it,” Gonzalez said. “This is the moment I’ve been dreaming of all my life.”

Smith learned about love and life in the proposal itself when his plans didn’t work out exactly right.

“Everything that we planned ahead of time did not work out so it was kind of improvising when we got here,” he said. “I was secretly freaking out in my head, [but] it worked out.”

Smith explained the Reunion Tower love ambassadors stepped in to help him out.

“The staff kept [the observation deck] open for us 30 minutes later [than usual],” he said. “We were overlooking Dallas in the place where in my mind we were going to live the rest of our lives.”

And Gonzalez would have it no other way.

“He’s my best friend and I just felt like it was me and him against the world,” she said. “So, I felt like it was perfect. I felt on top of the world actually.”

Three couples with vastly different lives all connected by Reunion Tower proposals. They are ready to welcome the hundreds of new members of their club in the months to come.

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