Dallas Researcher Finds Cancer Earlier With New Imaging Technology

In his University of Texas at Dallas lab, Dr. Baowei Fei is able to see cancer unlike ever before.

His biomedical imaging allows doctors to more precisely pinpoint cancer cells earlier leading to better diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, it will find cancer earlier and save lives.

"We have a conducted a clinical trial and found out that we are able to have five times higher cancer detection rates," said Fei.

It’s called molecular imaging directed, 3D ultrasound-guided biopsy, which improved upon 2D systems by allowing for earlier detection of potentially cancerous cells in the prostate.

By quantifying the size and activity of cellular, molecular and metabolic happenings, doctors can better distinguish tissue that is normal from malignancy in an accurate, precise and consistent manner.

The new imaging technology will detect cancer earlier, before the disease progresses. It can also improve quality of life, lower health care costs and save lives.

Fei's previous trial was conducted on prostate cancer patients.

"Five-year survival is almost 100 percent.  If we are able to detect it earlier, we save lives.  

However, if the cancer spread to other organs, the survival for prostate cancer is only 30 percent, so new imaging technology can improve cancer survival and save lives," Fei said.

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