Rescue Group Seeks Help for Dog Left in Dumpster

Dog needs around-the-clock care after being found in sealed plastic tub

An animal rescue group is raising money to pay for the around-the-clock care of a dog left to die in a Fort Worth dumpster.

Friends of Emma received Evie from a Fort Worth animal shelter last week after the animal was found inside a sealed plastic tub that was in an apartment complex dumpster. The dog was dehydrated, seizing and exhibited a number of severe neurological systems.

The dog gave birth several weeks ago, but no puppies were found in the area, the rescue group said.

The group is trying to raise $6,800 to pay for the dog's care. According to updates posted on the Friends of Emma's fundraising page, Evie is showing slight signs of awareness but still has tremors and involuntary paddling of her legs. She began hyperbaric treatment on Monday in hopes of helping her brain function and the healing process.

It is not known who left Evie in the dumpster. The person who found the dog contacted Fort Worth animal control, so Evie's case was treated as an injury call instead of animal abuse call, Friends of Emma said.

The group said it does not think Fort Worth Animal Care and Control filed a report with police. Friends of Emma said on Facebook that it has been told that an animal control investigator was looking into the matter but it would difficult to much without more information.


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