Resale Shop Buys, Sells Only Legos

Your child begs for an expensive Lego set, they build it in a few hours and then it collects dust on a shelf.

Now there's a way to recoup your losses and get your kids new stuff. It's a great idea we'd never heard of: A resale shop devoted exclusively to Legos.

Jason Klima and his wife Andrea opened Bricks and Minifigs in Plano last year. Jason said the business just made sense. Why not recycle old Legos?

"When they have sets that they're not playing with anymore, bring them in," he said.

Here's how it works: Bring in a fully-built set, a bunch of bricks in a bag or even a few minifigures. Andrea said they usually come in unsorted.

"And that's OK, but we don't pay as much for that because we don't know exactly what we're getting," she said.

The store pays the most for complete sets with instructions. You can get cash or store credit.

"We do 50 percent cash, 60 percent store credit of what we're going to turn around and sell it for, so they can actually make a lot of money," Jason said.

You can use the store credit to buy used sets, which are cheaper than the new ones, or you can even buy just the minifigures.

"You don't necessarily have to buy the $250 set, because we sell the licensed mini-figures individually," Andrea said. "It might be $25 like the Kylo Ren is right now, but that's a lot cheaper than some of the sets it comes in."

There's a table where you can build your own minifigure for $5. Or you can grab a bubble with a minifigure that's pre-built. Tubs of you-pick-em pieces go for $8, then there's the $20-or-less wall with fully-built items like fire trucks that have been salvaged from incomplete sets.

"We have some kids who will come in and bring us a lot of sets and they will come out with $100 or more in cash and their eyes just light up," Jason said. "That's really the best way to do it, to spread the value of Lego. Use it, enjoy it and then let somebody else enjoy it."

If money's no object, the store also has new sets. They host birthday parties as well.

There's a similar shop in Denton called Minifigs Bricks and More.

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