Historic Highland Park Theatre Reopens Saturday

A historic movie theatre in the country's first shopping center will re-open to the public on Saturday.

The Highland Park Village Theatre was closed for 16 months for renovations and now has a new operator.

Brian Twomey, the new operator, is keeping the historic 1935 facade but giving the inside a facelift in art-deco style -- from the custom carpets and marble floors to the wood walls.

"It was during the golden age of Hollywood and it was just a magical place to see a movie. And we wanted to create that," Twomey, president of Twomey Concepts, said. "We want this to be a white-glove experience the entire time."

Twomey wants customers to experience the luxury from the moment they come up the escalator to the moment they step into one of the two theaters that are wiped down completely between movies. You won't see independent or art films there anymore -- only first-run, wide-release movies in digital and 3D with surround sound. The over-sized seats recline and provide plenty of leg room.

The concession stand offers the usual fare plus some healthier options. And you can grab an espresso or alcoholic beverage at the bar.

"There's something special about the good old days, when people used to put on a coat and tie and go see a theatre," Twomey said.

The new theatre just may inspire moviegoers to dress up again.

Standard movie tickets are $14 for adults and $9 for children.

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