Red-Light Cameras Reducing Crashes in Plano

New numbers show cameras are effective, police say

Red-light cameras seem to be making the roads safer in one North Texas city.

Plano started installing red-light cameras across the city back in 2006.

New numbers presented by Plano's police chief to the City Council suggest that the cameras are cutting down on crashes.

According to the city of Plano, wrecks are down 41 percent at Plano intersections with red-light cameras after 18 months.

Plano has 19 cameras at 16 different intersections.

Crashes are down at practically every intersection with cameras -- all except Jupiter Road and Plano Parkway, where they are up 60 percent.

Based on the success of the cameras, city officials are considering adding more of them.

“If you not doing anything wrong, why would you complain about them,” driver L.T. Bryant said.

Plano’s Ron Draper is working to collect the necessary signatures to put red-light cameras on the ballot for voter approval after receiving a ticket earlier this year.

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