Recently Repaired Brakes Leave Man With Damaged Truck

Brake jobs can be expensive, so imagine forking over the cash only to keep having more brake issues. An Azle man says he had trouble with his new brakes for more than a year until they failed all together and he crashed his truck.

NBC 5 Responds got involved and got results.

Jason Graham is a plumber working all over North Texas.

"I drive everywhere. I put 100,000 miles a year on my truck," Graham said.

He said when he gets a new truck he makes sure it's ready for his demanding schedule.

"We upgraded the suspension, transmission and just made it run like it needed to. We took it to have brakes done with a large company," he said.

But he said after that brake job, he had problems with the brakes for months, taking them back to National Tire and Battery for brake repairs several times over the course of a year.

One afternoon Graham said his brakes gave out on Loop 820.

"When I hit the brakes something happened and the truck locked up," Graham said.

He said his truck started sliding and he had no way to stop. He crashed into two other cars. Everyone survived the crash, but Graham wanted answers.

He called another mechanic who didn't do the work to look at the brakes.

"We pulled the front of the truck apart and the pads were cracked," Graham said.

He and the mechanic started taking photos as they kept poking around under the truck.

"When we took the hubs apart, parts fell out. Some of the springs and adjustment pieces had fallen off and broken," Graham said.

He wanted to talk to someone from NTB, but when he couldn't get them to respond he called NBC 5 Responds.

We reached out, and NTB gave us a statement addressing the work done on Graham's truck.

The statement says:

"The customer service team worked with the customer and his insurance company to address concerns and fix the customer's vehicle. We sincerely apologize for any and all inconveniences."

Graham's case did get resolved, but neither he nor NTB would give specifics.

But now he's back on the road.

"Everything turned out really good. I couldn't ask for better," Graham said.

It worked out for him and can for you, too. Here's what Wayne wants you to know:

  • Most of us carry a cellphone with a camera. Use the camera to take photos as soon as you spot something wrong with your car. It could be very helpful proving your point.
  • Get a second opinion. If you think the work wasn't properly done, just make sure you're not voiding a warranty by having someone else look.
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