Rangers, North Texas Groups Give Back to Fallen Soldiers’ Families

Their loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Now, several groups in North Texas, including the Texas Rangers, are saying thank you to the families of our fallen heroes.

Jennifer and Hannah Hanson spent their Tuesday enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Hawaiian Falls water park in Mansfield. It’s a far cry from where they were two years ago, when they learned their husband and father Keith, a Navy pilot, had been killed.

“It definitely helps with the healing process,” said Jennifer Hanson, who lives in Frisco.

Shortly after his death, they got involved with a group called Snowball Express, which works with the families of fallen soldiers and organizes events for them.

It’s why they joined several other families from Texas and Oklahoma at the water park Tuesday.

“This is medicine, so that these families can get together and talk and have fun,” said Alan Brock, who volunteers for Snowball Express.

Hannah Hanson says that has made a big difference for her.

“I like being around other kids who’ve been through what I’ve been through,” said Hanson. “It’s fun.”

And between the swimming, sliding, eating and hanging out with Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux, there was a lot of fun to be had.

“This really puts everything into perspective,” said Maddux, who spoke to the families and signed autographs for the kids. “It shows us how small a win and loss truly is in the walk of life. You just can’t thank Snowball Express enough for helping make things better.”

The Hansons say they feel the same way.

“It really brings you out of your shell and gets you to start living again,” said Jennifer Hanson.

To learn more about Snowball Express and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

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