Rangers Farm System is Loaded, Frisco Included

The Frisco RoughRiders are home to several of the Rangers top prospects

Come to a Frisco RoughRiders game and you'll watch high-quality baseball, but you'll also see the stars of tomorrow. That's more true than ever considering the way this organization keeps pumping out young, big-club players.

Simply put, the Rangers farm system is loaded.

"Very loaded," said Frisco manager Joe Mikulik. "I mean, there's talent all over the place and that's another reason why it's fun coming to the ballpark."

"We've all had plenty of talk in hotel rooms and on the field saying, "Man, we can't wait to get up there and help this team win and just be apart of that core group that win that World Series," said the Rangers top prospect Lewis Brinson, who stars in the outfielder for the RoughRiders.

Most publications have the Rangers farm system in the Top 10 or even the Top 5, but that could change soon with the trade deadline approaching.

The Rangers are serious World Series contenders and looking to add veteran pieces in exchange for prospects. Therefore, the trade deadline is an anxious time around Frisco.

"The big Cole Hamels trade, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous going into it. I tried not to read Twitter, tried not to read social media," said Brinson.

"It's a chatter around the clubhouse at times, and as close as we get to the deadline it becomes more with social media and everything else going on," said Mikulik.

The Rangers gave away three high-end prospects in the Hamels trade, and they still have an elite farm system.

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