Rain Teases North Texas Wednesday Morning


Rain moved through parts of the Metroplex Wednesday morning bringing showers to some and only drops, or less, to others.

The rain may seem to have been only a tease, but there is more rain in the forecast.  With lake levels continuing to drop, a good, long downpour is more than needed.

"I'm praying for more rain. Bring on the rain, Lord," said Steve Willingham, while running into a convenience store in Dallas.

The rain moved quickly east through Dallas County and wasn't enough to leave behind any evidence beyond some tiny puddles.

Cracks in the parched ground are growing and becoming dangerous in some cases. You can easily twist an ankle, if you're not watching.

"Right now we only have one little, small patch of grass that's growing. We call it my dad's Chia pet 'cause he waters it every day. I'm a peewee drill team instructor, and we have girls falling into cracks. We have to put cones in the middle of the field because there's cracks. It's awful," said Brittany Lang, of Mesquite.

Slight rain chances are in the forecast for every day over the next week, though chances fluctuate between 30 and 50 percent each day.

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