Protest in Dallas Over Convciton of NYPD Officer that Killed Unarmed Black Man

Members of the protest say that Officer Peter Liang is a scapegoat

People in Dallas participated in national protest Saturday over the conviction of a New York police officer.

Members of the Chinese American community marched around the JFK Memorial in Downtown Dallas on Saturday afternoon to support NYPD Officer Peter Liang.

Last week, a New York jury found Officer Liang guilty of manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black man in 2014.

Officials said that Liang and his supporters are saying that his gun accidentally went off and hit the victim, and that it wasn’t intentional. Members of the protest said that Liang is being made a political scapegoat because of racial tensions in New York.

The Dallas protest was one of 40 that happened across the country on Saturday.

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