Products with THC levels 316 times above the legal limit confiscated from Garland business

Lab analysis results received on Wednesday show some products tested with 95.3% of THC

NBC 5 News

Two men are in custody, accused of delivery of marijuana after Garland Police confiscated more than 200 pounds of illegal THC products from a local dispensary.

Police said some products at Bee Hippy Hemp Dispensary showed a THC level of 95.3%, which is more than 300 times higher than the legal limit of 0.3%.

Some products were sold to customers under the impression that they were within legal limits, according to Garland Police.

The owner of the store, 41-year-old Charles Fagan, was arrested and charged with delivery of marijuana under five pounds on June 7. The store manager, 55-year-old David Lee Dranguet, was also arrested and charged with delivery of marijuana under four grams and two counts of delivery of marijuana under five pounds.

It's not immediately clear if Fagan or Dranguet have obtained attorneys to speak on their behalf.

Bee Hippy Hemp Dispensary will remain closed until further notice, however, a statement was published on the store's website indicating they intended to reopen.

"Please note this was not our choice and we will do everything within our powers to re-open," the statement said.

Charles Fagan (left) and David Lee Dranguet (right).

Officials are concerned that customers of the store may unknowingly use or possess products with dangerous levels of THC.

"If you have purchased any ingestible product from Bee Hippy Hemp Dispensary, we recommend you immediately and safely dispose of the product," Garland Police said in a statement.

Members of the public can drop off any products from the store in a secure "prescription drop off" in the police lobby at 1891 Forest Lane.

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