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Problem Solved: Printer Protection Plan Problems

When you buy something electronic you're often asked to purchase a protection plan in case something goes wrong. One North Texan says her printer stopped working, and she couldn't get the benefits of the plan for months. That's until she contacted NBC 5 Responds.

Karen Lindsey found a deal on a printer. It was normally priced at $79 but she got it for half off, just $39.

Lindsey gladly chipped in the extra $8 for a two-year protection plan with Asurion to refund the full retail cost of the printer, just in case something went wrong.

The printer worked great for about a year, but then printing pages became increasingly difficult.

She filed a claim with the protection company, and they quickly sent her an e-gift card – but it only had $8 on it.

She didn't want the money back for the protection plan, she wanted the full retail value of the printer.

NBC 5 Responds contacted Asurion, and they sent her a $79 check. That's more money than she paid, but plenty of money to purchase a new printer at regular price.

Asurion told us:

"There may have been an error between Asurion and the retailer in the confirmation of the gift card balance. Regardless, the resolution of the amount and the timing were unacceptable and we should have resolved this issue sooner."

Protection plans can be very helpful. Just make sure you're always aware of how long the plan lasts and what it promises to provide.

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