Prescribed Burn at Freedom Meadow in Frisco Begins Monday

The controlled burn will take place over a two-week period and aims to restore the Blackland Prairie ecosystem to the area.

NBC 5 News

The Frisco Fire Department will conduct a prescribed burn at Freedom Meadow beginning on Monday.

Freedom Meadow is a six-acre site located at the northeast corner of Warren Sports Complex at 7599 Eldorado Parkway.

The controlled burn will take place over a two-week period and will end on Feb. 28. Each burn will last less than four hours once it starts, and burning will not occur on weekends.

The Frisco Fire Department's Wildland Firefighting Team will be onsite monitoring the burn.

"The exact day and time of the prescribed burn is not known at this time. We need the two-week window to ensure we're burning during weather conditions that safely support the prescribed burn operation," Battalion Chief Jake Leeper of the Frisco Fire Department said. "The prescribed burn also provides a great training opportunity for our firefighters."

The Natural Resources division of Frisco Parks and Recreation requested the prescribed burn to help restore the Blackland Prairie ecosystem in this area.

"Blackland Prairie grasses and wildflowers, such as bluebonnets, will come back healthier and we'll see even more wildflowers," Shannon Coates, Director of Parks and Recreation, said. "This burn should minimize maintenance costs by reducing weeds and our need to use herbicides and pesticides to control invasive plants."

The benefits of prescribed burns include restoring soil nutrients and increasing shelter, space and food for local wildlife. Prescribed burns also promote safety by reducing high grasses, which could fuel an uncontrolled wildfire.

Smoke should be light during the burn operation. Once the burn is over, native plants may regenerate as quickly as a week, depending on rainfall.

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