Prescott Taking First Team Snaps, Romo Working with Scout Team Offense

Tony Romo is currently the scout team quarterback during practice.

The pressure is on for head coach Jason Garrett.  ESPN is reporting that Tony Romo is healthy and ready to play. Therefore, it's no longer a medical decision for No. 9, but a coaching decision.

During Wednesday's practice, Romo was the third quarterback behind Dak Prescott and Mark Sanchez. In fact, Romo ran the scout team offense.

Prescott received all of the first team snaps, which means he'll get the start on Sunday against Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Romo is sharpening his skills against the Cowboys top defense.

"You're getting a real look. He's a guy whose going to look you off. He's checking at the line of scrimmage. Like I said, it's like a real football game. So, you're getting as close to a Sunday look as you can with the scout team quarterback," said corner back Brandon Carr.

"I think he's looking good. I think he's looking good coming back. I think he's throwing the ball maybe even better than before he got hurt. So, I mean I think he's looking good," said running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Romo started attending quarterback meetings last week as opposed to working extra with the athletic training staff. Garrett said Romo is throwing the ball well and experiencing no pain during or after practices.

Prescott is this team's starting quarterback, but the rookie was asked about potentially being replaced for a healthy Romo.

"As long as we're winning, I'm excited about that. That's all I really care about, the overall winning of the team," said Prescott. "I don't really think about if I've done enough or what I've done. I just think about coming in each and every day and working my butt off at practice, giving this team a chance throughout the week so we can go out there and have a chance to win on Sunday."

Garrett said Romo is "champing at the bit" to play, and there's a chance he suits up on Sunday. That will remain a mystery until 90-minutes before kickoff when the Cowboys release the inactive list.

Regardless, Prescott will start for the team against the Steelers.

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