Prayers, Flowers and Vigils for Police Shot in Baton Rouge

As the community of Baton Rouge tries to wrap its head around the deadly shooting of three law enforcement officers, and what happened in the weeks leading up to it, people are also trying to find a way forward.

There were songs and active prayers for peace at a community service Monday evening in Baton Rouge.

"Our city is divided, our state is divided, our country is divided," the pastor at Full Gospel United Pentecostal Church told the congregation. "Bring us together, oh God."

At the place where Baton Rouge police officers and sheriff's deputies were shot, there were people coming by with flowers and cards and flags. A memorial grew through the day Monday, and those who came to visit it paused, prayed, and hugged one another.

"I spent a lot of time in Dallas praying with officer from all over the country," said Millville Police Chaplin Bob Ossler. "They won't tell you, but most of those officers cried."

And there were heavy hearts at a local diner. One of the officers who was shot, Montrell Jackson, was a regular customer.

"Oh, it was devastating," said Jennifer Ator. "He was always welcoming to people and very friendly and made everyone feel special when he was here."

Officer Jackson was at the diner Sunday morning with a group of officers. Ator said they left 30 minutes before what would be Jackson's last call.

"His presence will be missed for sure," Ator said. "This is a hard time for Baton Rouge."

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