Woman Intentionally Drove Wrong Way in Deadly Crash: Police

Dallas police say a woman intentionally drove eastbound in the westbound lane of Canada Drive in Dallas on Tuesday evening, causing a crash that killed her and a 62-year-old man in another vehicle.

Sources say Shamyia Walton, 36, was making statements about harming herself to a witness in her vehicle when the crash happened. That witness survived. Walton was killed.

The SUV they were in hit a pickup truck. Thois Hutchinson was killed. His wife was seriously injured. Hutchinson’s granddaughter said the couple was on their way home when the crash happened just before 7:30 Tuesday evening.

Hutchinson’s wife suffered a broken neck, leg and ankle, according to family. She also had to undergo surgery to address internal bleeding.

Valarie Villarreal saw the crash happen. She says other witnesses rushed to help the victims when their pickup caught fire. Villarreal returned to the scene to place a white cross and pink flowers at the site on Wednesday.

“It makes you think twice about your loved ones, what you go through every day,” said Villarreal. “Life is too short.”

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