Police, Good Samaritan Rescue Dog From Drowning In White Rock Lake

The dog is described as a "gentle giant"

A dog that was rescued from drowning in White Rock Lake needs the public's help to get back on his feet again.

The dog named "Nemo" was seen struggling to stay above water about half a  mile from shore in White Rock Lake on Tuesday. 

A Dallas Police Department rescue team assisted good Samaritan Lexie Haerle in pulling the dog out of the water and taking him to the East Lake Pet Orphanage. 

The Pet Orphanage took to Facebook Wednesday to share the good news of Nemo's rescue, and also a plea for help.

"Nemo has been diagnosed with heartworm disease. A devastating and potentially deadly disease, heartworms can be treated under the right conditions," wrote East Lake Pet Orphanage. 

The rescue group is now asking for donations to help pay for Nemo's treatment, which could cost as much as $2,000. 

The post said, "It will take some time before Nemo is ready and back to a healthy state, but he can be eligible for treatment with your help!"

If you'd like to help with "Nemo's" medical bills, you can donate here.

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