Police Investigate Bomb Threat Made Toward Decatur High School

The district says backpacks and large bags will not be permitted on campus Tuesday and Wednesday

Students will not be allowed to bring backpacks to school Tuesday or Wednesday, while Decatur police and Decatur High School investigate a written bomb threat, the district says.

The Decatur Police Department and school officials were investigating the threat reported Monday, according to Decatur ISD. The district said it did not appear to be "a viable threat."

As a precaution, the district said backpacks and large purses and bags will be prohibited from campus Tuesday and Wednesday. Clear bags will be allowed and athletic bags must be left with a coach in athletics areas.

The district said Decatur police will also have a strong presence around the high school.

Teachers will help to accommodate students who cannot carry all their materials to class without a bag, the district said.

Students are also expected to be in class, because the district said is has taken all the necessary precautions.

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