Police Hunt for Wanted Felon

Dallas police are looking for a man they call one of the city's most prolific car burglars.

Investigators said Charlie Perez allegedly hits up parking lots all over Dallas but has focused lately on cars in the Stemmons corridor.

Police said Perez began breaking into and stealing cars since at least 2004.

He has been arrested about 15 times on nearly 50 offenses, most related to car theft and burglary and been convicted of five felonies, including possession of heroin, car theft and car burglary.

"These people like Charlie have other problems like addiction problems that fuels their passion to commit other offenses, and if that's not under control, then we're going to still deal with him for years to come," Deputy Chief Malik Aziz said.

Perez was released from prison in May after a 15-month sentence.

An officer spotted him allegedly casing cars in the medical district earlier this month. Police tried to pull him over, but he took off and hasn't been seen since.

Officers have a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of evading police.

Police got a warrant to search Perez’s family home, but he wasn't there.

Investigators said they believe he is hiding out with his girlfriend somewhere in Dallas County.

Anyone with information on where Perez might be is asked to call police.

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