Police: Couple Cons Woman Using Lottery Scheme

Dallas police are looking for a couple who tricked a woman into giving them thousands of dollars worth in merchandise, using a lottery scheme.

Investigators said the couple approached the 65-year-old woman and told her they had a winning lottery ticket worth $11 million, and if she helped them, they would give her part of the winnings.

Initially, they asked the woman for $35,000; however, she told them she didn’t have that.

Next, they asked her if she had credit card and advised her if she purchased them specific merchandise, they would allow her to still partake in their winnings.

"They actually convinced her that was real by calling the so-called lottery authorities," said Dallas Police Officer Monica Cordova.

'They gave the phone over to the lady, she actually talked to them and was convinced yes, she needed to do these certain things to get a portion of the winnings.'

The couple then took the woman to NorthPark Center in Dallas where she purchased various merchandise, valuing in excess of $10,000, including a $3,000 watch and a Louis Vuitton bag.

Investigators said lottery schemes like this are common and are asking anyone who recognizes the man and woman to contact Detective Cervantes with the Dallas Police Department's Property Crimes at 214-671-3544.

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