“Pokemon Go” Gamers Try to Catch ‘Em All in Historic Downtown McKinney

From Dealey Plaza to downtown McKinney, "Pokemon Go" gamers are everywhere in North Texas.

“I’m pretty crazy about the game,” said Oscar Espinoza, of Princeton.

Tweens wearing Pokemon T-shirts and hair bows are a dead giveaway for some.

For others, a lost look and a cell phone in hand are tell-tale signs of someone on a Pokehunt.

“We've gone to Dallas, we've gone to the airport. We literally take a travel every afternoon. Drive around for an hour-and-a-half to two hours just trying to catch Pokemons,” Espinoza said.

The main objective is to capture as many Pokemon characters as possible. Once you get enough, you join a team. Teams try to take over “gyms” at historical markers, like Mitchell Memorial Park in McKinney.

A slew of historical markers in downtown McKinney make it an ideal place to play.

“It’s been absolutely insane,” said McKinney Main Street Coordinator Aaron Werner.

Werner says 60 businesses attended a crash course Tuesday to learn how to take advantage of the app.

At least a half-dozen stores have set out signs trying to lure gamers inside with some offering freebies.

“Literally hundreds and hundreds of people in downtown McKinney going from place to place, Pokestop to Pokestop and to gyms, and just competing with each other,” Werner said.

While the game is getting people outdoors, Pokehunting can be dangerous. There have been several reports of people getting hurt.

This week, the Texas Department of Transportation issued this warning: "Don't 'Pokemon Go' and drive."

“It’s definitely a good chance to get outside and I'm just along to make sure they don't walk off a curb in front of a car,” mom Beth Scudder said.

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