Pleasant Grove Church Prays For Officers' Families

Nearly 100 people at Christian Stronghold Church in Pleasant Grove on Wednesday prayed for the families of those shot in downtown Dallas last Thursday.

“Our love has to speak louder than hate,” said the Rev. Hal Johnson, who invited the pastor of another church to speak to his congregation.

“I want Dallas to know that we’re better than this,” said the Rev. Kellon Nixon, of God’s Prescribed Place of Worship. “This is a blemish on our resume, but this is not Dallas. We’re a loving city.”

Nixon was among the protesters in Dallas that night, and he witnessed the shooting.

“It broke my heart to see the level of hatred that any race can have for another,” Nixon said. “What I want to show is that it’s our personal responsibility to make sure that this stops.”

“We just really need to start listening to each other,” Johnson said. “I think love will overcome, I think love will conquer. That’s my prayer.”

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