Plans Call for New Life at Crozier Tech

City Council committee approves tax breaks for revitalization project


The City Council will vote on a plan to revitalize a 105-year-old Dallas high school building.

A developer wants to renovate the long-abandoned Crozier Tech as part of a campus of new apartments at Bryan and Pearl streets.

A City Council committee endorsed 10 years of tax breaks for the developer.

"I just really wanted to go ahead and say thanks for this, hats off to you -- that's a very high visible area," Councilman Jerry Allen said.

Clyde Jackson, the developer, said it would be "a place where people can live and walk." He said the old building itself would have "some extraordinary internal amenities."

The high school was built in 1907, long before Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail came along. Seventeen years ago, it closed to students. Twelve years ago, City Hall imposed historic protection to save it from the wrecking ball.

"The architecture is old-fashioned," said Damarys Mercado, a DART passenger. "I'd hate to see it torn down, though."

Jackson said the school would look as it did in 1907 with a campus of new apartments around it.

A final City Council vote is scheduled next month, and the developer said dirt could fly this summer.

NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff contributed to this report.

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