Plano Seniors Organize Pen Pal Project

What started with a single letter and an idea has now grown to one of the most exciting days at Plano's Carlisle Elementary - the day the 4th graders meet their 12th grade pen pals.

For the last year Plano senior Meg Cartwright and 4th grader Kate Daykin have been exchanging letters.

"Each letter kind of had a theme so we talked about Thanksgiving in one and what we were thankful for," said Meg.

"And one of them was [about] rainbows and unicorns," interjected Kate.

"It's really inspiring to have a connection and be that mentor or role model for someone younger than you," said Meg.

Senior Kaylee Willmann and 4th grader Elaine Cornuaud hit it off, too.

"When I first found out we were going to do this I was really exciting," said Cornuaud.

"There is something about writing letters that is so refreshing," said Willmann. "We are always on our phones 24/7 and the simpleness of the letter is so fun."

The project started three years ago and has evolved into 200 high school students exchanging dozens of letters with eager young readers. It wasn't started by the district or a teacher but by Meg and Kaylee.

"I think it's really important to give back to a school district that's given me so much," said Willmann. It's a project the two soon-to-be graduates hope the next senior class will continue.

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