Plano Safer For Bicyclists

The city of Plano is investing in new signs to direct cyclists and alert drivers.


According to Plano Police Department numbers, in 2009 and 2010, more than 50 cyclists were injured while riding on city streets.

While Garland’s Greg Stone hasn’t experienced a serious accident personally, he sees how it could happen.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a good, safe way to get to work,” he said.

Stone rides more than 16 miles per day, commuting by bike to his job in Plano. Soon, however, his ride may be easier.

The city of Plano is beginning to label its on-street bicycle network of roads with new signage.

City officials say it’s necessary, because as an increasing number of people choose cycling for commuting and exercise, bicycles aren’t just confined to the city park system anymore.

The new signs will both point cyclists toward streets with lower traffic volumes and alert drivers that bikers may be present.

Furthermore, they’ll remind motorists that legally, cyclists are entitled to a full lane of space.

“Motorists need to be aware that cyclists have the right to occupy the road,” said Renee Jordan, Plano Trail System Planner with the Department of Parks and Recreation.

“That’s a right granted through the state of Texas as a part of our Texas transportation code."

She says the city is also starting to talk about a safe passing ordinance, which would require motorists to give bike riders three feet of space when passing.

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