Plano Police Obtain Search Warrant for Enrique Arochi’s Car

The last man seen with Christina Morris before she disappeared lied to detectives, cleaned his car and had what was described as a bite mark on his arm the morning after her disappearance, according to a search warrant released by the Plano Police Department Tuesday.

Plano police obtained a search warrant to seize Enrique Arochi's car in connection with the investigation into the disappearance of Morris, 23, who was last seen Aug. 30 walking through a parking garage at the Shops at Legacy with Arochi.

In the search warrant affidavit, police detail several instances where investigators said "Arochi has made numerous false statements and omitted pertinent information" during the course of the investigation.

The search warrant states the lead detective "believes Arochi has intentionally made false statements which have hindered detectives in locating Morris."

Police said in the affidavit they believe Arochi's 2010 Chevrolet Camaro "will contain evidence that Morris was in the vehicle, contrary to Arochi's statement that she was never in his Camaro."

Detectives, according to the affidavit, want to search the Camaro for Morris' DNA and or trace evidence.

According to the affidavit police also suspect damage to Arochi's vehicle and injuries to his arm may not match his account of events. The affidavit also said an employee who works with Arochi told detectives that he saw "a bite mark" on Arcohi's arm the day after Morris' disappearance.

Morris' mother Jonni McElroy told NBC 5 Monday night that she believed, after talking to Plano police, that Arochi was hiding something.

"We've learned that Enrique has lied since day one," McElroy said Monday.

Police executed the search warrant on Sept. 26 and had the car for a week and a half. Police would not tell NBC 5's Johnny Archer if they found any evidence or DNA that linked to Morris.

Police have not named Arochi, or anyone else, as a suspect in the case.

Carlos Quintanilla, an attorney for the Arochi family, said that police told him the evidence does not necessarily mean a crime occured.

"He said, 'Quite frankly, if we had enough evidence, we would have already arrested Enrique Arochi,'" Quintanilla said.

NBC 5's Johnny Archer and Scott Gordon contributed to this report.

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