Plano Leaders Consider City Logo Change

City has been using its current "P" symbol for decades

The Plano City Council is debating whether to freshen up the city's logo.

A proposed redesign is very similar to the city's classic "P" logo, which Plano has used since the 1980s.

Changes include more vibrant shades of blue and red, meant to better fit with the colors of the American and Texas flags, and an effect to the star to represent that the city is in motion. The updated logo also includes the tagline "people connect here."

At their last meeting, council members could not decide whether to adopt the redesign.

Residents have mixed reactions to the proposed redesign.

"I think it's a little silly," Brian Bedingfield said. "I don't think a lot of people see anything wrong with the Plano sign the way it is."

"You'd have to know the cost," Cheryl Dorrance said.

Dorrance said she likes the current logo but noted that it's often important for companies to undergo rebranding.

"I suppose if it's appropriate for businesses, it's appropriate for communities, too," she said.

Citizens and council members have also cited concern about the cost of changing the logo on street signs, city vehicles, uniforms, flags and other prominent city property.

"There are many better places to spend money," Bedingfield said.

City spokeswoman Mary Vail-Grube said the logo would be gradually introduced if it is approved. For example, a water tower would be rebranded only when it needed repainting.

The city would add space in its budget for such rebranding efforts over three to five years, she said. The city does not yet have a cost estimate.

The City Council will consider the issue again on March 25.

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