Plano City Council Candidate Claims Homophobic Slur Was Sent by Hackers

A candidate for Plano city council is defending himself over a homophobic slur in an email.

The derogatory term is used to describe members of the LGBTQ community.

Daniel Long denies writing the email.

He claims it was the latest in a string of hacks he's experienced since February.

"It almost sounds like Washington, D.C.," Long said. "It doesn't sound like suburbia Plano, Texas at all."

The email exchange in question can be confusing.

On Monday, Long said he mistakenly sent an email to the Plano Police Association, thinking it was to a former firefighters group.

In the email, Long claims he never saw an invitation to meet for an endorsement.

When the police association replies with the date its invitation was sent, they received a one-word homophobic slur in response.

"I would not say it. I would not write it. Never," Long said.

Long insists the reply was the result of hackers who hijacked his email and campaign website. He said the hackers have also stolen $324 from his banking account.

Long said he's filed a police report.

"I do not know who hacked me. Someone was put up to hacking me. Someone in Russia asked me to send them $650 in bitcoins, that's filed with the police, too," Long explained.

The Plano Police Association confirmed the email exchange.

A screenshot of the conversation was shared online by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of North Texas.

In a statement, GALA President Dawna Hubert said, "GALA North Texas was disappointed to see the comment allegedly made by Daniel Long, a candidate for Plano City Council. We are offended by both the use of the homophobic slur and also the fact that it was directed at our first responders. If this is proven to be a statement made by Long, we encourage residents of Plano to voice their opinions on this matter at the polls, starting with early voting this Monday. Plano is a city of great diversity and compassion. The overwhelming majority of those that have been elected to serve embody this spirit. We trust the citizens of Plano to review the facts and make a decision which best serves the interest of ALL members of community."

Long said he is as pro-police as it gets and told us one of his children is gay.

"I don't like it but I don't condemn her any more than I would condemn you or anybody else if that's your lifestyle," Long said.

Early voting begins on Monday, April 22.

Half of Plano's city council seats, places 1, 3, 5 and 7, are up for grabs.

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