North Texas

Permit Required to Park Near Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

With the kick off of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo just days away, Fort Worth has a plan to fix a parking crunch in the surrounding neighborhood: permits are required.

The Will Rogers Memorial Center has plenty of parking, including a large new garage, but it requires drivers to pay.

Many instead choose to park in the nearby neighborhood, west of Montgomery Street, for free.

"This is our neighborhood," said resident Michael Jordan. "This isn't a parking zone."

The line of parked cars makes it difficult for neighbors or even emergency responders to get through, Jordan said.

Fort Worth City Councilman Dennis Shingleton, who represents the area, said city leaders are aware of the problem.

"It's unmanageable," he said.

So now, the city has come up with a solution, and the signs have already gone up: Permit Required.

With a sticker on their cars, homeowners can still park there.

Everyone else will be towed.

The city may expand the "permit required" policy to other high-traffic neighborhoods, including around Texas Christian University.

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