Paul Quinn College's Women's Soccer Team Building Legacy, Setting the Bar High

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The Paul Quinn Women’s Soccer Team has the kind of bond you can’t build overnight. It’s a connection that happens by accident. These women also know the success they’ve experienced isn’t achieved without a village; a team of people pushing you to your highest potential.

“We’re starting to make a name for ourselves, our team and our school,” said recent graduate and Miss Paul College, Andrea Cruz.

The women have a rhythm all their own. They’ve learned and grown as a unit.

“Coming in here, I’ve always been kind of shy and low-spoken, and just being with the girls they bring out the best in me,” said Aremy Rodriguez, a business administration graduate.

To say Paul Quinn is proud of its women’s soccer team is an understatement. The culmination of their hard work could be seen in a recent graduation photo - Presidential Scholar Alexya Soto, a Class Valedictorian, Miss Paul Quinn College and future employees of major companies such as JP Morgan and Lowes.

“To graduate and have such distinguished graduates, I think that’s a really huge accomplishment for us,” said Kaitlyn Savitt, who graduated with a psychology degree.

They’ve worked hard. They’re among the brightest. And they own it. Between soccer, school and the corporate work program, they’ve earned the right to brag a little.

“We didn’t get to just focus on soccer all the time,” said Cruz. “We had other things we had to excel in. But I think it allowed us to grow as women and be a full rounded person.”

The journey here hasn’t always been smooth, though. Many of these young women are first-generation college graduates on an unfamiliar path all their own.

“I never expected to go to college,” said Bibian Anaya. “My parents didn’t even finish middle school. So just having that opportunity and having them see me graduate with a bachelor's was amazing.”

Now they’re leaving a legacy and a standard to uphold for those who come behind them.

“Coach always has that saying refuse to lose,” said Savitt. “And we did. We’ve refused to lose. We’ve pushed through everything.”

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