Kaufman County

Parents Gave Alcohol to Minors Before Prom: Kaufman DA

Authorities said they charged two Kaufman parents for providing alcohol to more than a dozen students before prom.

Court documents indicate that 46-year-old Anthony Blaine and his wife, 44-year-old Kelley Blaine, gave alcohol to 18 students March 21. Fifteen of the students attend Kaufman High School.

The teens took the alcohol onto a bus headed to Kaufman High School's prom.

The superintendent tells NBC 5 that the teens were very late and when they arrived, someone from the school could tell they had been drinking. Four weeks later, the Blaines were arrested. 

Parents of some of the students tell us they didn't know there would be alcohol on the bus and are very upset. 

According to the Kaufman County district attorney, the Blaines were each charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Their bond was set at $1,500.

NBC 5 has confirmed that Kelley Blaine is a court coordinator in Kaufman County, and has been suspended from her job.

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