Parents Brave Cold to Transfer in Arlington

Twenty parents are still camping out in front of an Arlington school district building despite Tuesday's freezing temperatures and biting winds.

Most people who camped out did so in RV's or campers, but several toughed it out in tents with nothing more than a sleeping bag and some blankets to get through a freezing cold morning.

Victor Zuniga's tent was shaking in the wind all night long. Tears streamed down his face; his cheeks were red with cold.

"I feel very cold," Zuniga said. "It's very hard to stay all day in the cold."

Zuniga says he's making the sacrifice so he can transfer his five children to schools closer to home.

Already, a sort of camaraderie has formed among these parents. On Monday they dealt with rain. Tuesday, it was high winds and cold temperatures. One parent, Diane Willson, was wearing four jackets.

"This is layer one, which is a nice windbreaker jacket. Then I have a Nike down-filled jacket under that," Willson said. "Then I have a Nike sweatshirt under that. And then a jacket. Then a turtleneck."

On Monday night,  Willson approached another mom and invited her to spend the night in her camper, since there was space for one more.

"There was no way you were going to let her sleep in that tent?" asked NBC 5.

"That's correct," she said.

"Why's that?"

"Would you? It would not be the kind thing to do," she said.

Those 20 parents had to pay a $50 permit fee to be able to camp out for the week, until their transfer applications can be processed on Saturday.

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