Parents Blame Glue Shortage on Kids Making “Slime”

Parents, you may need to stock up bottles of glue for your kids. They are flying off the shelves right now because of an old craze that's making a big comeback.

Kids are making "slime." It's a gluey substance also known as "gak" or "flubber."

We first told you about the problem last week, but now we are hearing from the glue company itself.

Elmer's tells NBC News the company saw a surge in sales in the second half of 2016, mainly because of what they are calling "slime mania."

Elmer's says it plans to increase production of the white school glue from here on out.

Parents have been posting on social media about the so-called glue shortage.

One mother on Facebook wrote that she buys 20 bottles a month for her daughter to make slime.

Walmart says it has seen an impact, and it is rolling out a plan to respond to the increase to make sure stores don't run out.

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