Paralyzed North Texas Woman Fears Attacker Set Free After 911 Delays

Lawyer claims pattern of Dallas 911 failures

A North Texas woman paralyzed by a 2015 gunshot wound said she is in fear for her life after the man accused of shooting her was released from jail this month.

Roxanna Mayo claims repeated 911 calls for help about threats from former boyfriend, Quadriq Sharper, were ignored until after she was shot in January 2015.

"I want him to realize there are consequences for his actions, and for other people who do these things, there's consequences for their actions," Mayo said.

Sharper was in jail awaiting trial until May 1 when he was released with an electronic monitor.

"I was appalled, I was shocked, I was terrified," Mayo said.

Mayo's attorney, Emmanuel Obi, has filed a civil lawsuit against the city and telephone providers. Obi said records he has obtained show that a 911 call taker failed to pass along key information about the man's gun and threats that would have resulted in a higher priority response to the calls.

The attorney said Mayo's case is part of a pattern of Dallas 911 failures that resulted in several deaths. He said answers about the cases are difficult to obtain.

"When it comes to 911, when it comes to police activity, when it comes to fiscal responsibility, residents deserve answers," Obi said.

Mayo said she wants to help other people avoid the same problems.

"I'm here in spirit, but I'm a prisoner in my own body," she said. "There's so much tragedy that's happening from the lack of response to 911."

A spokesman said the city of Dallas declined comment because of pending lawsuits.

A spokesperson for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office said Sharper's defense requested the latest delay.

Sharper's trial was reset for July 31.

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