Fort Worth

Overcrowded Fort Worth Animal Shelter Calls on Community to Adopt

Adoption fees are waived for the foreseeable future

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Fort Worth’s new animal shelter is already full and city leaders are putting out a desperate call for people to adopt.

The shelter, called the North Animal Campus, is located near Highway 287 and Bonds Ranch Road.

It just opened in April and was supposed to relieve overcrowding at the Chuck and Brenda Silcox Animal Care and Adoption Center on the southside.

Now, both shelters are at capacity.

"Both of our shelters are designed to hold about 300 animals each and we're currently about 400 animals over what we should have," said North Animal Campus superintendent Jessica Brown.

She pleaded for animal lovers to help.

"We need the community to step up right now,” she said. “If you're able to adopt, we need adopters. If you're not able to adopt but you're looking to help, we need temporary foster homes. And we need volunteers who can help us walk the dogs and socialize the cats."

The city doesn't euthanize animals because of overcrowding.

So it'll find a way to house all of them who show up.

As for the reason for the overflow, city officials said it often happens during the summer months but describe the situation now as especially dire.

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