North Texas

Open This Yellow Envelope — It's Got Good News

If you have outstanding medical debt, watch your mail for a yellow envelope that could contain some very, very good news!

NBC 5 has partnered with the nonprofit organization RIP Medical Debt. to buy and forgive $2 million in outstanding medical debt for approximately 2,000 North Texas families.

The yellow envelope was specifically chosen to stand out. If you see one in your mail, don't discard it -- if it's from RIP Medical Debt, it's legit and some of your medical debt has been bought and forgiven.

Exactly what was bougtht and forgiven will be detailed inside.

The debt forgiveness program is made possible by a $150,000 donation made by NBC 5's parent company, NBC Universal, that will relieve families across the United States of $15 million in medical debt.

NBC Universal bought the debt for tens of thousands of American families, including 2,000 North Texas families, in large, geographic blocks. Outside of selecting the geographic area, neither NBC Universal nor NBC 5 selected which debts would be purchased and forgiven. In fact, NBC Universal and NBC 5 do not know whose debts were bought and forgiven.

NBC 5's Samantha Chatman and Wayne Carter, with our Responds team, held a discussion on Facebook Live Thursday to answer questions about the Medical Debt Epidemic and the donation. That video can be seen here.

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