Following Stroke, Country Music Superstar Randy Travis Has No Trouble Getting on Stage

Since his stroke in 2013, country music superstar Randy Travis has had a hard time speaking in sentences.

"He's fortunate to even be here, " said his wife, Mary Davis.

Mary is always by Randy's side. She helps with everything from rehabilitation to TV interviews.

"People are like, this is not what you signed up for is it, " she recalled. "I say, 'Yes it is.  I signed up for it, whatever it is. Through thick and thin, better or worse, sickness and health, yes, I signed up for this.'"

This is the raw interview of country music legend Randy Travis with his wife, Mary Davis.

This past weekend he sang "Amazing Grace" at the BeautyKind Unites benefit concert at AT&T Stadium.

When asked if it's difficult getting up on stage, Randy smiled and said, "Nope."

Country music singer Cole Swindell talks about music legend Randy Travis.

Mary added, "He knows that he doesn't sing like he did before the stroke and before the calamity, but I give him so much credit for the courage to do the best that he can do at this point in time."

And through faith, they believe even bigger blessings are ahead.

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