One-on-One With Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Weeks after he announced he was running for president, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in Dallas. He stopped by NBC 5 to talk with political reporter Julie Fine. She asked him about visiting a state where there are two Texans in the race, former Representative Beto O'Rourke, and Secretary Julian Castro.

"Well, the truth is with so many of us in the competition, it is hard for me to go anywhere where there is no home state competitor, or sometimes two. That is OK, you know, this is a conversation about where the entire country is headed. So I think a good message is one that will make as much sense in Texas, as it does in Oregon, or South Carolina," said Mayor Buttigieg.

His message is freedom, democracy, and security for the 21st century. Buttigieg believes he has a different message than the crowded field he has entered. The Mayor of South Bend is now running third in many polls for the presidency.

"Well, I think being a mayor is a little bit different. And I know there is an expectation that you be soaked in Washington for some number of years before running for president. I think we would be well served if we could get Washington looking like our best run cities and towns, instead of the other way around," he added.

Buttigieg's story is getting a lot of attention. The small town mayor has made a big impression. A gay married man who speaks 8 languages, a Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar, who served in Afghanistan.

"I have more experience in government than the president. I have more years of experience in the executive office than the vice president. I have more military experience than anybody to walk into that office since George H.W. Bush," said Buttigieg.

But while he has graced magazine covers, and seen his numbers rise,

"What really matters is making sure we are connecting with voters," he added.

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